Top brands of Artificial Jewelry in India

Top brands of Artificial Jewelry in India

Top brands of Artificial Jewelry in India

Here is a list of top brands of Artificial Jewelry in India, you can go for it if you are planning to buy artificial jewelry for yourself.Get yourself the perfect fashion jewelry brands in India for a memorable occasion.

1.Try Anrapali

Amrapali is one of the best artificial jewelry brands in India.It has set a benchmark in the Indian jewelry industry.

The brand was started by two history students-Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera, in 1978.
Today Amrapali Jewels is a multinational brand with outlets in Pakistan and India.

Amrapali is a subsidiary of the brand that brings you to the traditional designs from the forgotten tribes of ancient India.

Fashion jewelry from Tribe Amrapali strengthens the culture of the tribes from which it takes inspiration.

Tribe Amrapali is one of the top artificial jewelry brands India that offers fashion collections such as Devaya, Tribal Pop, Sri Lankans of Najma.

Why Shop From Tribe Amrapali?

You can get contemporary and affordable jewelry pieces.The brand keeps on running various sales offers that you can avail to shop for your favorite dramatic jewelry look.

Tribe Amrapali as the name suggests takes inspiration from tribal art and culture.If you love to explore jewelry with a luxurious Indian-modern touch, then the brand is just right for you.

It has boutiques in three Indian cities, and you can shop for jewelry online anytime you want.Amrapali ships it’s products to over 220 countries worldwide, so do not worry about where you are and get free delivery for all orders above 5000 INRice.

2.Zverei Pearl

Another popular artificial jewelry brand in India is Zveri Pearl.It is one of the reputed brands for Pearl Jewelry in the country.It was established in 1997, and now the brand is well known in the jewelry industry.

If you want to buy Zara Pearl jewelry products online, you can get them on shopping sites including Myntra and Amazon.

Zveri Pearls jewelry is known to have complex Kundan artwork to highlight the richness of pearls.
If you are looking for jewelry with a royal look of intricate craftsmanship, Zveri Pearls is the best brand for you.

Why Shop for Zveri Pearls?

Zveri Pearls delivers you a genuine % jewelry at your doorsteps.They also provide free shipping for all your orders above Rs 1999 across India.Zveri Pearl has easy and secure payment methods, so keep calm and order the best range of jewelry from here.
Also, their products are sold on Nyka, Amazon, Freedom pkart, Myntra, and Paytm Mall.You can select the most suitable online platform and order jewelry from Zara Pearls.

The prices they offer are entirely reasonable as they have amazing offers for you to avail and get everything at a discounted price.They do fast delivery and have perfect furnishings in all their jewelry products.

3.Pipa Bella

The artificial jewelry collection of this brand is as revolutionary as their name. Pipa Bella has established itself as a truly digital fashion brand offering unique and personalized jewelry collection.
The artificial designer jewelry is influenced by some of the biggest Bollywood actresses such as Priyanka Chopra, Kriti Sanon, Kalchilin, and Shibanoderi.

It comes with over 1000+ unique artificial jewelry designs spread across a vast product including charming bracelets, chandelier earrings, Swarovski pendants, silver rings, cocky rings, cocky rings.
The brand uses metal, resin, beads, crystals, and stones in their products to make them revolutionary.

It is one of the most affordable artificial jewelry presents in the market.

Why Shop From Pipa Bella?

Pipa Bella is known for their high prices, amazing deals, and high-quality products.You can get online shopping benefits and get a hassle-free delivery.

4. Voylla

Voylla is one of the growing fashion jewellery brands in India that focuses not only on women but men as well.

The brand was started by a couple, Vishwas Shringi and Jagriti in Bangalore, in 2010. The fashion jewellery destination shifted its base to Jaipur in 2013.

  • Voylla is popular for its high quality, hand-crafted artificial jewellery.

  • You can buy their products online on Flipkart, Amazon, and other e-commerce websites.

  • This fashion jewellery brand is famous for being a traditional, contemporary, and funky style yet being the most affordable.

  • The DARE collection addresses fashion-conscious Indian men who are fond of the awesomeness of artificial jewellery, apparel, and other accessories.

Why Shop From Voylla?

Voylla is having around 250+ stores and offers you 45000+ exclusive jewellery designs. The brand delivers 100% skin-friendly products so that even if you have sensitive skin, you are not afraid to wear jewellery whenever you want.

Voylla has more than 100 regional art inspirations. Also, it has 400+ hand-crafted pieces of jewellery that are of unique design patterns. When it comes to gifting something special, you can choose this brand as it even manufactures American diamond rings that are versatile and look great with any outfit.

You can also shop for men’s jewellery, including necklaces, earrings for men, rings, bracelets, men’s Kada, which are amazing to wear in parties and even in the workplace.

5. The Luxor

The Luxor jewellery collection is popular for unprecedented design in its collection present at reasonable prices.

  • Luxor fashion jewellery is available online on Flipkart and Amazon.

  • By far, this artificial jewellery brand is most affordable on the list of best artificial jewellery brands in India.

  • This brand is popular among college girls, and they find it to be their one-stop destination for artificial jewellery shopping.

  • The collection consists of modern, traditional, and chunky jewellery designs. The designer’s range of artificial jewellery from Luxor includes anklets, earrings, mangal sutra, bangles, pendants, and necklace sets.

  • Whatever your age may be, the brand has a collection for all ladies out there that matches their personality and style.

  • Luxor is a brand you can go for if you are searching for a hard-to-find design, and unable to find one.

Why Shop From The Luxor?

The Luxor brand is perfect if you are hoping to buy a gift for your valentine. You can select from the range of jewellery, be it for a birthday, anniversary for someone you love. The brand has jewellery that is skin-friendly as they get manufactured from toxic-free materials.

They have a beautiful collection for all girls and women. They manufacture jewellery which is inspired by traditional antique patterns.

The Luxor has the most high-quality imitation stones. This type of design will go with all kinds of dresses. All their jewellery are graceful and can be worn over long years as the quality is not affected.

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